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unit 2, 298 Penistone road, Sheffield s6 2fu

TELEPHONE 01142338543

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Unit 2 298 Penistone Road Sheffield UK S6 2FU

Documents to confirm entitlement to the registration number,

Registration certificate V5C/V5C(NI)

The new keeper supplement V5C/2/V5C/2(NI)

A certificate of entitlement V750/V750(NI) to a vehicle registration number

A retention document V778 (does not apply in NI)

A renewal reminder for a tax disc or sorn V11/V11(NI)

A temporary registration certificate V379/V379(NI)

A number plate authorisation certificate V948 with an official DVLA,DVA, OR VOSA STAMP

A letter of authorisation from a lease or hire company including a fleet operator, The letter must quote the document reference number from the V5C/V5C(NI)

Record of the insurers name reference and policy numbers (for repairs approved by an insurance company).

The cost of making and supply a number plate is    £13.50

and can be made while you wait, all plates are road legal as per government guidelines.

you will need at least one document from each of the lists below, acceptable and original documents only.

Documents to confirm identity,

A driving licence, with or without a photo(whether or not it was issued in the uk).

A bill from a gas, electricity or water supplier, a landline phone bill, a council tax bill or rates bill in northern Ireland (issued in the last 6 months)

A bank or building society statement(issued in the last 6 months),

A passport(whether or not it was issued un the uk),

A national identity card issued by the government of a state or of a territory (other than the uk),

A debit or credit card(issued by bank or building society),

A police warrant card,

A armed forces identity card,